Friday, December 31, 2010

Blog readers like Lingerie Football clothing malfunctions, funny porn lists

Tech-media-tainment continued to be a catch-all blog for posts on pop culture, entertainment, technology and news media. But a few topics resonated way more with readers than others in 2010.
Far and away the most popular subject on Tech-media-tainment is wardrobe malfunctions in the Lingerie Football League. TMT has become the Web’s leading curator of LFL nip slips and butt flashes. (See photos above and below.)
Mom would not be proud.
The second most popular subject on Tech-media-tainment is porn. My posts have included lists of porn movies based on public figures or real-life events and the funniest porn parody movie titles, but no actual pornography. This site is safe for work.
Once again, sorry, Mom.
The third most popular subject on Tech-media-tainment in the past year was cats, an Internet staple. In this case, it was my tongue-in-cheek articles on the top cat names Apple hasn’t used yet for its Mac OS X software releases.
Tech-media-tainment hosted about 32,000 visitors in 2010 and served up more than 65,000 page views. The biggest single day was Dec. 4 with 1,245 page views.
What follows is a list of the 20 most popular posts on Tech-media-tainment in 2010, as ranked by unique visits by Google Analytics.

Top 20 posts on Tech-media-tainment in 2010:
  1. Lingerie Football nip slips and bare asses – a.k.a. wardrobe malfunctions (Oct. 28, 2010)
  2. First Lingerie Football League game gives fans a wardrobe malfunction (Sept. 5, 2009)
  3. Lingerie Football wardrobe malfunctions just part of the game (Sept. 16, 2010)
  4. Curating Lingerie Football League wardrobe malfunction photos (Nov. 21, 2010)
  5. Top 20 porn movies based on real-life events or public figures, such as Tiger Woods, Sarah Palin (June 3, 2010)
  6. My scene with porn star Raven Alexis (Jan. 11, 2010)
  7. Top 10 cat names Apple hasn’t used yet for its Mac software (Aug. 26, 2009)
  8. Top 25 best porn parody movie titles (April 29, 2010)
  9. Horny artists like to sex up Disney, fairy tale art (Dec. 20, 2009)
  10. Top 30 funniest Christmas porn movie titles (Dec. 7, 2010)
  11. Microsoft meets ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ (Nov. 22, 2009)
  12. Top 10 Mac OS X names Apple hasn’t used yet (Oct. 20, 2010)
  13. Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010 another winner; Airs Nov. 30 on CBS (Nov. 11, 2010)
  14. ‘The Wizard of Oz’ by Annie Leibovitz (Oct. 13, 2010)
  15. ‘The 800-pound gorilla in the room’ is probably more like 400 pounds (Sept. 11, 2009)
  16. Sugar Stacks: Graphically shows you how much sugar you eat (Aug. 29, 2009)
  17. I Am Bored: A collection of funny, weird and amazing photos and videos (Nov. 14, 2009)
  18. Top 10 oddest professional sports (Oct. 3, 2010)
  19. Attention Wal-Mart shoppers: People are laughing at you (Sept. 3, 2009)
  20. Arizona ‘mancation’: Part 1 – Desert drive and the Bagdad copper mine (March 29, 2010)


Seattle Mist quarterback Laurel Creel almost gets tackled by her bra in an Oct. 22, 2010, Lingerie Football League game against the San Diego Seduction. (Photo by Nathan Rupert.)

In the Sept. 24, 2010, LFL game between the Orlando Fantasy and Tampa Breeze, Orlando quarterback Veronica Moor slipped a nip, but was wearing a pasty. (Photo via Very Special Girls blog.)

10 interesting 2011 predictions

After curating a list of the boldest 2011 tech industry predictions for, I decided to compile a list of the most interesting 2011 predictions on other topics.
Yesterday I posted the prediction that pies will be a big food craze next year.
Here are some other predictions (some nutty, some rational) from across the World Wide Web.

1. More UFOs in 2011

We can “expect more and more unexplained phenomenon with the earth’s atmosphere in 2011 including meteorites, undiscovered anomalies, and strange behavior of the sun and yes, even UFOs,” said Alison Baughman, a professional numerologist. She’s conveniently vague, of course.

2. Strong earthquake in Iran

A strong earthquake in Iran will victimize thousands, says Mohamed Faroun, a self-proclaimed Egyptian astrologer.
Numerologist Baughman sees an “increased trend” in earthquakes next year and is particularly concerned about the Gulf of California.

3. Barack Obama falls ill

U.S. President Barack Obama “will have a health problem or/and an unexpected accident,” Faroun predicts.

4. Big year for IPOs

Next year could be a big one for initial public offerings, according to the New York Times and Inc. magazine. Possible tech IPOs in 2011 include Facebook, Groupon, LinkedIn, Pandora, Skype, Zynga and Zipcar.

5. Jennifer Aniston meets her soul mate, maybe

“Friends” star and tabloid regular Jennifer Aniston will meet her soul mate “in the next two years,” psychic Ron Bard tells Wonderwall. Plus, towards the fourth quarter of 2011, she will be shooting a movie that “will be up for an Academy Award.” Costume design perhaps? I wish these psychics would be more specific.

6. Social unrest in the U.S. over the economy

Angry demonstrations over the economy will be staged in many major U.S. cities, says Bruce Krasting of Zero Hedge. Some of the demonstrations will turn violent, he predicts. “The frustration that was evident in France in recent years will come to the US,” he writes.

7. Volt bombs, Dreamliner parked

GM’s plug-in hybrid electric car, the Chevy Volt, will not sell well, Krasting forecasts. Boeing will be unable to complete a single Dreamliner aircraft, he adds. GM will trade below $30 a share and Boeing will hit the low $50s. (GM closed today at 36.86 and Boeing at 65.26.)

8. E-book growth skyrockets

Digital books, or e-books, will hit 20% market share by the end of 2011, predicts Richard MacManus on ReadWriteWeb. E-books made up 9.03% of total consumer book sales in 2010, compared with 3.31% in 2009, according to the Association of American Publishers. E-book growth will rocket in 2011, thanks to cheap e-readers and an e-book price war among, Barnes & Noble and others, he says. MacManus expects one in five books sold in 2011 will be e-books.

9. People will make a great fuss about 11/11/11

Numerologists will make a big deal out of Nov. 11, 2011, says John Derbyshire of the National Review Online.

10. Discovery Communications and Scripps Networks will merge

The Daily Beast predicts that the two pure-play cable network companies will merge rather than be acquired by media giants.
The website also predicts that Google will buy a movie studio or film library and that Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz will be fired.

Making year-ahead predictions is a fool’s errand. Check out AOL’s list of the 10 worst predictions for 2010.
Of the 14 predictions for 2010 that I curated last year from various sources, only one was spot on. (Apple unveiled a tablet computer, but that one was a no-brainer. It was widely expected.) Others were partially correct. (Tesla Motors went public, but not LinkedIn and Zipcar; Palm was acquired, but by HP, not Microsoft or Research In Motion.) Most were dead wrong.

Hot 2011 prediction: Pies are the new cupcakes

Two cultural experts are predicting that pie will become the latest food craze in the New Year.
As a pie lover, I couldn’t be happier.
Restaurant and hotel consulting firm Andrew Freeman & Company picked the pie trend as its No. 1 prediction for the year.
“Move over cupcake, make way for pie, as pies in all sizes move from the State Fair to seriously craveable fare,” the firm said. “Decadence is endless with everything from, savory, sweet, individual deep-fried pies, bite-sized minis and even pies blended into shakes.”
As examples, it cited Pie Happy Hour at Hill Country Chicken in New York City and the signature pies at the Buttercup Grill & Bar, at multiple locations in California.
Marian Salzman, president of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR, North America, put pies on her Hot 100 list for 2010, calling them “the new cupcakes.”
The folks at Movieline are ahead of the curve, posting a trio of Star Wars-inspired pies. (See above photo.)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

My favorite Christmas gift ever

The best Christmas gift I received as a child was a butterfly collecting kit when I was in the third grade and living in Roseville, Minn., in 1971.
It came with a mounting kit and a couple of exotic specimens ready for display.
I’ve always loved butterflies and moths – their beauty, variety and mystery. As a young boy, I studied them and caught them in yards and fields in and near our home.
Now I wouldn’t think to harm a butterfly. They’re wonderful creatures and nature would be better off with more of them. But as a 9-year-old boy I didn’t yet appreciate that butterflies are a limited resource.
A year or so ago, I asked my Mom to recall the gifts that were popular with boys and girls in the 1960s and 1970s when my siblings and I were growing up.
She said the hot items for her kids were Hot Wheels toy cars, Big Wheels, Barbies with all the accessories, Chatty Kathy, Mrs. Beasley, Baby Alive, Easy Bake Oven, Hula Hoops, ant farms and butterfly collections.
Times have certainly changed.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Hustler takes the lead in porn parodies of politicians and celebrities

Hustler isn’t done sticking it to Sarah Palin (in more ways than one).
The adult film studio has already made six X-rated parodies about the former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate.
Up next is “Who’s Nailin’ Palin No. 2.” So far, the fictional Palin has had sex with actors portraying President Barack Obama and late night talk-show host David Letterman, among others.
One movie that’s not coming is “Tiger’s Nailin’ Palin.”
Last January, Hustler announced that title in its 2010-11 lineup. But the studio lost interest after Tiger Woods, the sex scandal-plagued pro golfer, was the subject of three other porn movies.
What Hustler does have in the works is a porn parody of day-time talk show diva Oprah Winfrey. Oprah may deny being a lesbian but the parody film will portray her as one with her best friend Gayle. It’s slated for release on Jan. 25.
“Normally girl-on-girl action would get most people excited,” wrote blog F Listed. But “I think it’s safe to say this probably has the opposite effect.”
Luckily for viewers, Hustler didn’t cast a lookalike in the role of Oprah. Instead they chose the lovely Misty Stone. (See above photo.)
I spoke to Michael H. Klein, president of Hustler, last week about the trend of porn movies based on public figures. Most recently Hustler did an X-rated movie based on pop singer Miley Cyrus.
Here’s an edited transcript:

TMT: Will Hustler be doing many more porn parodies of public figures?

Klein: We certainly explore them and look for what could be a good, humorous parody on somebody.
When you put yourself in the spotlight, whether it’s being a celebrity or a politician, you leave yourself open for someone to parody you, whether it’s by “Saturday Night Live” or Hustler in one of our videos.
It’s all done in fun and jest. But we’ll continue to keep exploring to see if there are other ones that make sense.

TMT: Do they sell well?

Klein: They do very well. Obviously there’s publicity built in with them already. So word gets out and there are always people who are interested.
Besides being an adult film, it’s also humorous because it’s a parody of a known celebrity.

TMT: Will you continue doing the Sarah Palin parodies?

Klein: Oh, yes. We have plans to continue to do more of them. The ‘Who’s Nailin’ Palin’ series has done extremely well for us.
We’re actually in production on another one – “Who’s Nailin’ Palin No. 2.” And beyond that we’re always exploring.
We’ve made the announcement already about the “Hustler’s Untrue Hollywood Stories: Oprah.” That will be our next big one coming out soon.

TMT: What happened to “Tiger’s Nailin’ Palin,” which was announced earlier this year?

Klein: We just never did that one. There were plenty of other adult studios that did parodies on the Tiger Woods situation, so we just figured it’s already been done and doesn’t make sense to have another one out there.

TMT: Are there other politicians that you think are ripe for porn parody treatment?

Klein: There’s plenty, but we haven’t made our decision yet on which one. But fortunately a lot of politicians do a number of things that make it very easy for us to come up with a story line.

TMT: Are you getting more comfortable doing these parodies of real-life people?
I noticed that with the first Sarah Palin parody you spelled her name “Paylin” with a “y,” but in later movies used the correct spelling.
Also, in years past, there were thinly veiled parodies of President Bill Clinton by other adult studios, but his name wasn’t used.
Have things changed?

Klein: As long as it’s a public figure and you make it clear that it’s a parody, it goes back to the (legal) case that (Hustler publisher) Larry (Flynt) had against Jerry Falwell.
That was a case where Larry was very successful in the Supreme Court and, as such, we will follow those same guidelines.

TMT: How quickly can you produce one of these films?

Klein: It all depends on how elaborate a production it is.
You can get one done in two or three weeks or it could be a number of months when you do an elaborate 3-D production like we did with “This Ain’t Avatar.” That was one of our most expensive productions to date.

TMT: How many films does Hustler make a year?

Klein: We release anywhere from five to eight movies a month. We do anywhere from one to two parodies a month.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Porn movies based on public figures: A trend showing no signs of fading

When pop music star Miley Cyrus turned 18, Hustler Video celebrated the occasion with an X-rated parody about the celebrity.
The adult studio released the movie “Hustler’s Untrue Hollywood Stories: Miley Cyrus’ 18th Birthday” on Dec. 14.
In real-life, Miley has been photographed flashing her privates, smoking a bong, dressing like a tramp and staggering around drunk. In the parody film, according to online summaries, she services all three Jonas Brothers (referred to as the “Johnson Brothers”).
How can Hustler get away with this?
Because Cyrus is a public figure and the film is clearly identified as a parody.
“This is a parody movie featuring a fantasized version of a young, well-known celebrity singer and performer,” a disclaimer reads. The movie “is not to be taken seriously, and does not depict actual events in any of their lives.”
Hustler, founded by Larry Flynt, is known for pushing the boundaries of the First Amendment and freedom of speech.
In 1988, Flynt won an important U.S. Supreme Court decision, Hustler Magazine v. Falwell, after being sued by the Rev. Jerry Falwell in 1983 over an offensive ad parody in Hustler that suggested that Falwell’s first sexual encounter was with his mother in an out-house. Falwell sued Flynt, citing emotional distress caused by the ad. The decision clarified that public figures cannot recover damages for “intentional infliction of emotional distress” based on parodies, according to Wikipedia.
It’s not surprising then that Hustler is leading the current trend of X-rated movies parodying celebrities and public figures.
Hustler has made recent movies parodying politicians (one-time Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, President Barack Obama and disgraced New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer) and celebrities (Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, etc.).
But Hustler isn’t alone in the trend. Vivid Entertainment is planning X-rated spoofs of Elvis Presley, the Beatles and the Rat Pack for 2011. Up first is “Elvis XXX: A Porn Parody,” due out Jan. 8.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

How to tackle a Lingerie Football League player

What’s the best way to tackle a player in the Lingerie Football League?
Judging from the photographic evidence, I’d say it’s pulling down her panties.
When a woman is playing football in just her underwear, there’s not a lot to grab hold of.
As a public service to sports fans and perverts, Tech-media-tainment already has published five photos of LFL players getting tackled by the seat of their panties. (See here, here and here.)
Readers of this blog from Italy have alerted me to six more photos of LFL players getting pantsed. (Who knew the LFL and Tech-media-tainment had fans in Italy?)
The website Very Special Girls praised Tech-media-tainment’s tireless coverage of LFL wardrobe malfunctions. Blogger Lisa Tacchi wrote that I was a writer “che ha fatto un ottimo lavoro di collezione di ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ della LFL.”
Translated from Italian to English by Google, she says I’ve done a “great job” of collecting LFL wardrobe malfunction photos.
Thanks, Lisa, and you’ve done pretty well yourself.

Photos from Very Special Girls blog:

Top photo: Baltimore Charm quarterback Samantha Allen pulls her panties back on after a tackle in the Nov. 18, 2010, game against the Miami Caliente.

Above: Tampa Breeze defensive lineman Saige Steimetz grabs Orlando Fantasy running back Quiana Welch by the panties on Sept. 24, 2010.

A Dallas Desire player gets her panties in a bunch against the Denver Dream on Sept. 25, 2009. Very Special Girls blog identifies the ball handler as Shannon A’se (DE) and the panty-grabber as Shannon Martin (RB). Photo by Patrick Michels. (Click photo for larger view.)

Seattle Mist running back Lindsey Blaine gets her panties grabbed while making a touchdown against the San Diego Seduction on Sept. 11, 2009.

Los Angeles Temptation linebacker Michelle Jacot tries to pull down Denver Dream quarterback Rebecca Main by the panties in a game on Sept. 18, 2009.

New York Majesty quarterback Kristal Gray tries to escape Philadelphia Passion player Ashley Deihl by the seat of her panties on Oct. 30, 2009.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

EW lists 3 reasons why Bon Jovi deserves the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; here’s 1 more

Best rock album cover ever.
The original cover of Bon Jovi’s “Slippery When Wet” (1986) album is one of the most memorable album covers of all time. The fact that it was replaced at the last minute and released only in Japan just adds to its appeal.
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame snubbed Bon Jovi on Wednesday when it picked its latest inductees – Alice Cooper, Neil Diamond, Dr. John, Darlene Love and Tom Waits – from 15 nominees.
Entertainment Weekly’s came to Bon Jovi’s defense. It cited three reasons why the band should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

1. “Livin’ on a Prayer” is an awesome song.
2. Their big hair and clothes from their ’80s heyday.
3. They were the No. 1 worldwide touring act in 2010, a feat the band achieved in two of the last three years.

To that I add my No. 4 reason above.
Tracks from “Slippery When Wet” include “You Give Love A Bad Name,” “Wanted Dead or Alive” and the aforementioned “Livin’ on a Prayer.”
The album originally was going to feature a busty, 34DD woman in a wet yellow t-shirt with the album name on the front of the shirt, according to Wikipedia. But it was swapped out for a dull cover consisting of a wet black garbage bag with the words “Slippery When Wet” traced in the water.
Poor choice.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Health group sues McDonald’s; Restaurant chain responds with: 'Burgers Rule!'

It practically never happens in the newspaper business. But with online news, different rules apply.
Yahoo ran an Associated Press story today about a health group suing McDonald’s to stop the restaurant chain from marketing to children. Alongside the reader comments to the story was a bright red McDonald’s ad blaring “Burgers Rule.” The ad showed a video of hungry patrons gobbling hamburgers and encouraged viewers to “See more big, bold, beefy truths” on its website.
In the newspaper business, editors work to ensure that ads do not run near stories about those advertisers. They want to avoid conflicts of interest and upsetting ad buyers. In the online world, computers place ads next to stories on the same subjects automatically.
So anyone who was hungry while reading the McDonald’s lawsuit story got a suggestion to eat a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder. Yum!

Photos: McDonald’s ad referenced above (top); screenshot of Yahoo news page (click for larger view).

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

TSA – target of satirists everywhere

The Transportation Security Administration has become the much-deserved target of American anger and complaints lately.
And because art reflects life, humorists have lambasted the TSA in essays, drawings, music and videos. On sister website One Stop Video, I've posted the Top 10 funniest TSA videos of the moment. Above is the cover art for a fake children's book called "My First Cavity Search."

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Copyright cops overreach again

This should be the golden age of public discourse.
With the Internet and new media tools at nearly everyone’s disposal, people are able to report and comment on the actions of government, big business and others in real-time and make an impact.
Take the backlash against the Transportation Security Administration. Security procedures at the nation’s airports have become draconian in the years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Because U.S. government leaders don’t want to offend minority groups by backing common-sense profiling measures, they are treating everyone like suspected criminals at the country’s airports.
Average Americans are fighting back with camcorders and digital cameras showing TSA agents subjecting senior citizens and children to strip searches and invasive pat-downs. They’re writing satirical songs and essays and creating other works that have spread virally on the Internet.
All of which brings me to the case of Iowahawk blogger David Burge and musician Scott Hill of Temecula, Calif.
Burge wrote the lyrics to a funny TSA parody song called “Comply With Me,” which is set to the music of the Frank Sinatra hit “Come Fly With Me.” Hill put the song to music and did a humorous video, which he posted on YouTube.
I enjoyed the video a lot and planned to include it in a list of funny TSA parody videos.
When I watched it again this weekend, the audio was gone.
The YouTube posting now carries a notice about the audio takedown. It reads: “NOTICE: This video contains an audio track that has not been authorized by Warner Chappell. The audio has been disabled.” It then provides a link to YouTube’s copyright rules.
YouTube should not have taken down the audio, because it falls under the “fair use” exemption to copyright law. “Fair use” allows an individual to reproduce a protected work for purposes of comment, criticism, education and parody. This was clearly a work of parody designed to make a statement on the federal government. It’s a transformative, noncommercial adaptation that does not devalue the original song.
I encourage Burge and Hill to appeal YouTube’s audio takedown on those grounds for the sake of all U.S. citizens wanting to express themselves.
I’m sick of all the useless and demeaning security procedures at our nation’s airports. I hate having to take off my shoes for the screening machines and remembering to pack liquids in checked luggage only.
The TSA agents confiscated a sealed $10 bottle of Caribbean hot sauce from my recent trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands and dumped it in the garbage can right in front of me. What a waste. Like so much perfume, shaving cream, soft drinks and baby formula, the TSA is filling our landfills with perfectly good products that aren’t a threat to anyone.
Works of parody like “Comply With Me” can spread feelings of public discontent as much or more than angry letters to your congressman.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Halls of fame update: Tech, toys, robots, rock and roll, and hip hop music

Lots of goings-on with halls of fame lately.
As a fan of the concept, I track news associated with halls of fame, especially those involving entertainment and technology.
Here’s a summary of the activity:

IT Hall of Fame

Information technology trade group CompTIA is starting the IT Hall of Fame to honor the industry’s top business leaders and innovators.
The new virtual shrine will build on the legacy of an earlier hall of fame established by industry publication CRN, CompTIA said today.
Honorees from the CRN Industry Hall of Fame will be grandfathered into CompTIA’s new IT Hall of Fame, according to IBD’s tech blog Click. They include Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer of Microsoft, William Hewlett and Dave Packard of Hewlett-Packard, Steve Jobs of Apple, and Andy Grove of Intel.
CRN hasn’t chosen any new inductees for its Industry Hall of Fame since 2007.
At the very least, CompTIA needs to create a website that provides details on all the honorees and their accomplishments. CRN doesn’t have one.

National Toy Hall of Fame

The National Toy Hall of Fame at the Strong museum in Rochester, N.Y., on Nov. 4 inducted two new toys – playing cards and Hasbro’s The Game of Life board game.
The two honorees were selected from among 12 toy finalists that included: Cabbage Patch Kids, chess, dollhouse, dominoes, Dungeons & Dragons, Hot Wheels, Lite Brite, Magic 8 Ball, pogo stick, and Rubik’s Cube.

Robot Hall of Fame

The Robot Hall of Fame was supposed to induct two fictional robots and three real robots this year. But organizers canceled the induction ceremony because of a lack of funding, according to IBD’s tech blog Click.
The 2010 class of inductees was to include the T-800 Terminator, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1984 movie “The Terminator,” and Huey, Dewey and Louie from the 1971 science-fiction film “Silent Running.”
The real-world robots honored were the DaVinci Medical Robot System from Intuitive Surgical, the Roomba vacuum cleaner from iRobot, and NASA’s Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity.
The Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science created the Robot Hall of Fame in 2003 to honor both real-world robotic achievements and fictional robots that have inspired countless scientists.
Inductees are enshrined at a permanent robotics exhibit called Roboworld at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will announce its 2011 inductees on Dec. 15.
Fifteen nominees are in the running this year including Alice Cooper, Beastie Boys, Bon Jovi, Neil Diamond, J. Geils Band and Tom Waits. The winners will be enshrined at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

Hip Hop Hall of Fame

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards is teaming with Hip Hop Pioneers to relaunch the Official Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards Induction Ceremony & Concert Television Show.
The show is scheduled for taping on April 28. It will be the first broadcast of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards Show since it aired in national syndication and on the BET Cable Network in the ’90s.
Organizers also are hoping to build a Hip Hop Hall of Fame museum in New York City.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Top 30 funniest Christmas porn movie titles

Nothing’s sacred in the porn industry, not even a cherished religious and family holiday like Christmas.
The adult film industry has made dozens of Christmas-themed porn movies over the years, according to the Internet Adult Film Database and Adult DVD Empire. Many of these movies, judging by their synopses, portray Santa Claus and even Mrs. Claus and their elves as sex-crazed fiends.
So in the spirit of the holidays – and a desire to drive traffic to Tech-media-tainment – here are the top 30 or so funniest Christmas porn movie titles:

All I Want For Christmas Is a Gang Bang (1994)
All I Want For Christmas Is a Teen (2008)
Barely Legal Bitch that Stole Christmas (2008)
Christmas Carol (1993)
Christmas Cums Early (1997)
Deck the Teens (2008)
Dirty Santa (2008)
Drunk Sex Orgy: Winter Wonderbang (2010)
Frosty the Snow Ho (2008)
Happy Horny Holiday Hos (2006)
Here Cumz Santa (2005)
Ho, Ho, Ho! (2010)
Horny Holiday (2005)
Little Christmas Tail (1991)
Merry X-Miss (1988)
Miracle on 69th Street (2008)
Naughty Or Nice She’s Getting It Twice (2008)
Playing with Mrs. Claus (2007)
Polar Sexpress (2008)
Santa Comes Twice (1984)
Santa Comes Again (1991)
Santa is Coming All Over Town (1996)
Santa is Naughty And Nice (1999)
Santa’s Naughty Helpers (2008)
Santa’s Sexy Helpers (2006)
Santa’s Sluts (2002)
Spanked By Santa (1993)
Silent Night: Hardcore for the Holidays (2006)
Stocking Stuffers (2002)
The Tits that Saved Christmas (2003)
Tranny Claus (2008)
Very Very Bad Santa (2005)
Yo Yo Yo A Very Black Christmas Tale (2005)

Dec. 24, 2016, update. Some bonus titles:

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas ... On My Face (2011)
Ghost of Christmas Ass (2012)
Here's Your Christmas Bonus (2014)
How The Grinch Gaped Christmas (2014)
Santa’s Wankzshop (2016)
Spend X-Mas In My Ass! (2011)

Monday, December 6, 2010

No-see-ums nearly ruin trip to St. John in U.S. Virgin Islands

I spent last week with my family on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
The island is beautiful. It has gorgeous mountain vistas, stunning beaches and good snorkeling around its coral reefs. But it has something that nearly ruined my visit – tiny biting insects called sand flies or sand fleas. They’re often referred to as no-see-ums because they’re so small you don’t notice them until it’s too late.
At least mosquitoes have the courtesy to buzz around you before they try to suck your blood. No-see-ums are masters of the sneak attack. You don’t see them, you don’t hear them and you don’t feel them bite you. But a short time later you’ll feel the need to scratch your arms and legs. And scratch, and scratch and scratch. The closest thing I can compare the itching to is poison ivy rash.
I had bites all over my legs and arms and a few on my chest after a visit to one beach on the Caneel Bay resort.
Calamine lotion had no effect on the itching. Neither did AfterBite: The Itch Eraser by Tender Corp.
What did work was 1% hydrocortisone cream.
Travel sites in the know warn you to wear insect repellent containing Deet while on the beaches there.
I hate having to cover myself in sunscreen and bug spray to enjoy the tropics, especially when I’m swimming in environmentally sensitive areas like coral reefs. All those chemicals can’t be good for the creatures in the water.
But if you want to enjoy your vacation in the Caribbean, you have to use those products.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

History of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is a global event. It’s the most-watched fashion show worldwide, seen in more than 90 countries.
Victoria’s Secret is the only fashion retail company to have its own television special. The 2010 show airs Nov. 30 on CBS.
I was fortunate enough to attend the taping of this year’s show on Nov. 10 in New York City. I also got a chance to interview some of the models during their hair and makeup sessions.
I asked model Edita Vilkeviciute of Lithuania if the show could be too sexy.
“Never. Come on. Everybody likes sexy,” she said.
The first Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was held in 1995. This year’s show is the 15th overall and the 9th to be broadcast on network TV.
The following is a timeline for the show, with information supplied by Limited Brands.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show timeline

Model Stephanie Seymour opens the first Victoria’s Secret Fall Lingerie Show with a cotton white bralette and black stretch bikini dressed up with naughty black vinyl go-go boots and a low slung belt at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. (New York)

The Victoria’s Secret Spring Fashion Show returns to New York City and is covered by media in cities such as London, Tokyo and Sydney. (New York)

The Annual Victoria’s Secret Spring Fashion Show becomes one of the most widely anticipated fashion events in the world. (New York)

Media from all over the world travel to New York City to cover the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Hollywood celebrities and Wall Street stars fill the audience. (New York)

Victoria’s Secret announces the first live webcast of its Fashion Show with a commercial during the Super Bowl, which immediately drives millions to The show and webcast made fashion, advertising and Internet history with an audience of a billion people in over a hundred countries. (New York)

Victoria’s Secret and Miramax Films partner to hold the spectacular Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and Webcast at the Cannes International Film Festival to benefit amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS 2000 in France, raising a record amount of about $3 million for Cinema Against Aids. (Cannes, France)

Victoria’s Secret debuts its first-ever television broadcast of the Fashion Show with a 1-hour special on ABC drawing the network’s largest audience and highest ratings of the season for that time period. Supermodels make appearances on several shows including “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” raising thousands for charities. The show is held in November to kick-off the holiday season. (Bryant Park, New York)

“The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” jumps to CBS and airs on Nov. 20. The show coincides with the opening of the world’s largest Victoria’s Secret store in Manhattan’s Herald Square. (New York)

“The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” returns to CBS and airs on Nov. 19. The Broadway-spirited show was hosted by supermodel, Heidi Klum, as well as some of Victoria’s Secret’s other well-known Angels, and featured musical performances by Sting and Mary J. Blige. (New York)

No fashion show this year. Fallout from Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl stunt prompted the cancellation of the show. Instead, the Angels (Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Gisele Bündchen, Adriana Lima, and Alessandra Ambrosio) did an Angels Across America Tour, visiting four major cities: New York City, Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

The holiday-themed show marks the final “Victoria’s Secret Fashion show” for Tyra Banks and the first post-pregnancy runway appearance for Heidi Klum. It also debuted the next generation of Victoria’s Secret “Angels” Selita Ebanks and Izabel Goulart, and featured musical performances by Seal, Ricky Martin and Chris Botti. (New York)

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show takes place in Los Angeles at the legendary Kodak Theater featuring the “Angels” and musical performances by Justin Timberlake. It aired on CBS on Dec. 5. (Los Angeles)

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show returns to the Los Angeles Kodak Theater. It aired on CBS on Dec. 5. The show featured celebrity “Angels” and musical performances from the Spice Girls and Seal. Plus, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Victoria’s Secret, the Hollywood Historic Trust and Johnny Grant, the late Honorary Mayor of Hollywood, presented the Victoria’s Secret Angels with its “Award of Excellence” and a star on Hollywood Boulevard. (Los Angeles)

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion show takes place at the legendary Fontainebleau Miami Beach, an iconic resort re-opened after a $1 billion renaissance. It aired on CBS on Dec. 3. The show included Grammy Award-winning superstar Usher as the sole musical guest, red carpet interviews, model profiles and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the world’s most celebrated fashion show. (Miami)

The Fashion Show returns to New York for a holiday-infused lingerie runway show. It aired on CBS on Dec. 1 and included red carpet interviews, model profiles, and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the celebrated fashion show. The sole musical guest was three time Grammy Award-winning superstars, The Black Eyed Peas. The show’s producers conducted their first-ever Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show model search – an innovative cross-country hunt using open casting calls to find a runway model sexy, sophisticated and beautiful enough to walk in our world-famous fashion show. (New York)

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is headlined by supermodels Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio. The show featured musical performances by Katy Perry and Akon. (New York)

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‘The Walking Dead’ saves fall TV season

AMC’s zombie apocalypse series “The Walking Dead” is easily the best new show of the year.
It depicts the end of the world through the stories of a group of survivors. The characters are interesting and the stories are exciting and scary. And because it’s on cable, it doesn’t pull any punches with gore and violence.
The first season is only six episodes, but the series has been renewed for a 13-episode second season.
Two other new shows I’m watching are “The Event” and “No Ordinary Family.” Neither of them is must-see TV.
NBC’s “The Event” has been picked up for a full season, but its prospects for a second season are shaky. The science-fiction/government conspiracy show has been steadily losing viewers. Serialized television shows have to keep the plot moving swiftly or viewers will flee. (Example: AMC’s “Rubicon,” which was canceled after one season.)
ABC’s “No Ordinary Family” would be a better show if it weren’t so Disneyfied. The show about an ordinary family that gets superpowers is best when it takes a darker turn. The show can be sappy when dealing with family or teenage problems.
Two returning shows I like are still top-notch entertainment – “Supernatural” and “The Vampire Diaries.”
I had my doubts about whether the CW’s “Supernatural” could go on after last season’s war between heaven and hell, but I’m glad I was proven wrong. Season six shows that there are still good stories left to tell about demon hunters Sam and Dean Winchester.
CW’s “The Vampire Diaries” isn’t showing any sophomore slump. It keeps the plot twists coming.

Photos: “The Walking Dead” cast (top) and “The Event” cast (bottom)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Favorite websites in review, part 3

These websites all have been featured on Tech-media-tainment. So they bear the TMT stamp of approval.
This is the third set of 25 favorite websites.

51. Illustrated 3-D Movie List (
52. 3D Movies Database (
53. Bearsharktopus-Man (
54. (
55. Digg (
56. Hacking Netflix (
57. Cutting the Cord and Cutting the Bills (
58. Mila’s Daydreams (
59. One Man’s Blog (
60. One Photo Reviews
61. Techdirt (
62. TechCrunch Deadpool (
63. The Onion News Network (
64. CollegeHumor (
65. Blogger (
66. Google Analytics (
67. Bitly (
68. Listicles
69. Blogs of Note (
70. Paris vs. New York (
71. Something Clever
72. MouseHouses (
73. Throw Grammar from the Train (
74. Laughing Squid (
75. Walking Off the Big Apple (

Update (3-17-13): Listicles is no longer available; Blogs of Note stopped posting to its website on Jan. 22, 2013, and directs traffic to a Google+ account instead; Cutting the Cord and Cutting the Bills hasn’t posted a new article since April 21, 2012; and Paris vs. New York hasn’t posted a new article since Dec. 3, 2012.

Update (2-17-14): Listicles is back in business. Walking Off the Big Apple has been discontinued and directs to new website. Something Clever has been taken private. One Man’s Blog is updated only sporadically. Bearsharktopus-Man is now called Dean Trippe - Moonbase One. 3D Movies Database hasn’t been updated since 2010.

Update (Feb. 28, 2015): One Photo Reviews has changed its focus and is no longer what made it interesting to me.

Photo: Diorama from MouseHouses.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More blogs: Throw Grammar from the Train, Laughing Squid, Walking off the Big Apple

Continuing the subject of yesterday’s post, here are a few more favorites I’ve curated from Google’s Blogs of Note.

Throw Grammar from the Train

Jan Freeman writes a very entertaining blog on grammar usage, word origins and other nuances of the English language. Freeman has written The Word, a weekly Boston Globe column, for 13 years. Throw Grammar from the Train was started in October 2009.

Laughing Squid

Laughing Squid is “an online resource for art, culture & technology,” according to its founder, Scott Beale of New York City. It features entertaining videos, amusing photos and art. Beale has been running the blog for 15 years.

Walking off the Big Apple

Walking off the Big Apple is a strolling guide to New York City. It’s written by Texas native Teri Tynes, who now lives in Greenwich Village. She launched the site in January 2007.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Art blogs of note: Paris versus New York, Something Clever and MouseHouses

Last week, I mentioned that Google’s Blogs of Note has a soft spot for blogs featuring arts and crafts.
Here are three blogs they’ve honored that I like.

Paris versus New York

Paris versus New York, subtitled “a tally of two cities,” uses graphic art to compare the two great cities. It’s the work of Vahram Muratyan, co-founder of art direction and graphic design studio ViiiZ in Paris.
“A visual but friendly match between those two cities seen by a lover of Paris wandering through New York’s infinite details, clichés and contradictions,” Muratyan writes.
See two examples here.

Something Clever

Something Clever is a blog by artist Lindsey Lydecker, who currently works for Six Point Harness Animation in Hollywood.
I love her style and sense of humor.


Maggie Rudy of Portland, Ore., creates stories with pictures of anthropomorphic mice figures and miniature sets. The photos at her blog MouseHouses are extraordinary.
Her work will be featured in the children’s book “The House that Mouse Built” by Rudy and Pam Abrams, due out in March. The book is available for preorder at

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Curating Lingerie Football League wardrobe malfunction photos

Tech-media-tainment has become the Web’s leading aggregator of Lingerie Football League wardrobe malfunction photos.
It’s a niche that I’m a little embarrassed about, but it sure does drive traffic to the website.
With photos of LFL players inadvertently exposing their breasts and rear ends, my PG-13 blog is entering R-rated territory. But since these pictures are no more sexual than what you might see in National Geographic, I think it’s OK.
So who are these people coming to my website to see photos of LFL wardrobe malfunctions?
Maybe they’re people interested in debating the pop culture significance of the Lingerie Football League and its skimpy uniforms. (Seriously, it’s not a sport if the uniforms aren’t even functional.)
Or maybe all these Web surfers are just perverts.
On to the pictures!
These latest shots (above and below) are edited close-ups of photos taken by John Pozadzides of One Man’s Blog. They were taken at the Oct. 23, 2009, game between the Los Angeles Temptation and the Dallas Desire.

Update: For the uncensored photos, check out the LFL Wardrobe Malfunctions blog.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Blogs of Note: Spotlight on the little guys

With millions of blogs on the Internet, finding new and interesting ones can be difficult.
Blog directories tend to give too much attention to big, well-known commercial blogs.
So hats off to Google’s Blogs of Note, which spotlights noteworthy blogs of individuals. It typically honors one blog each weekday that uses Google’s Blogger service.
Blogs of Note leans heavily toward artist and craft websites. Too many for my taste. But occasionally it finds a real gem.
Some blogs that I’ve highlighted in Tech-media-tainment’s favorite websites feature I learned about through Blogs of Note.
They include My First Dictionary, That is Priceless, The Big Storm Picture and Mila’s Daydreams.

Photo: Sample photo from Mila’s Daydreams.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Better Homes and Gardens magazine blurring the line between advertising and editorial

Times are tough in the consumer magazine business.
Last year, magazines lost a quarter of their ad pages from the previous year, the New York Times reported. So far this year (January-September), ad pages are down 1.6% from the same period in 2009, the Publishers Information Bureau reported.
Desperate times call for desperate measures, some may say. But the line between advertising and editorial is supposed to be sacrosanct. Advertisers may pay for product placements in TV shows, but they shouldn’t be able to buy their way into articles written by journalists.
The October issue of Better Homes and Gardens got me thinking about whether that publication had crossed the line.
On page 152 of the issue a woman is holding a bottle of SoBe, a beverage owned by PepsiCo. The label of the bottle is clearly visible and appears positioned for the camera. The same photo appears on the table of contents on page 5.
With Photoshop and other photo-editing tools, it would have been very easy to erase or blur the SoBe logo on the bottle. Magazine editors doctor photos all the time for effect. So I can only assume that the SoBe bottle was purposely visible.
Was Better Homes publisher Meredith Corp. compensated by PepsiCo for the product placement? I don’t know. There were no obvious ads for SoBe or Pepsi products in the issue as far as I could tell.
Either way, the SoBe cameo bothered me.

Photos: Intro page for the feature article “No Stone Unturned” from the October 2010 issue of Better Homes and Gardens (bottom), close up of SoBe brand beverage in the feature photo.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pokemon: A cartoon ripe for parody

With kids ages 7 and nearly 5 in our house, we watch a lot of Pokemon. I know the names of too many of these “pocket monsters” and their various stages of evolution than I care to admit.
The whole premise behind the show is silly and ripe for parody.
I’ve joked about the parallels between Pokemon battles and dog fights or cockfights in a previous post.
The video-game comedy website Dorkly regularly pokes fun at Pokemon.

Here are some examples:

Ash Discovers New Pokemon (Oct. 11, 2010)

Pokemon: The Later Years (Oct. 20, 2010)

5 Pokemon Facebook Updates (Aug. 19, 2010)

And as a bonus, Pokemon fan art:

100 Pokemon Brought to Life through Creative Art (Sept. 18, 2010; Designzzz)

20 Pokemon re-imagined by artist Gavin Mackey on Dorkly

Artwork: Pikachu gives a jumpstart (top) and Pokémon Center Closed by Ry-Spirit (bottom).

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010 another winner; Airs Nov. 30 on CBS

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010 took place Wednesday in New York City and it was another top-notch production.
The show featured a bevy of lingerie-clad beauties, including Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel, and musical guests Katy Perry and Akon. An edited version will air on CBS primetime on Nov. 30.
The show was performed twice Wednesday at the 69th Regiment Armory in Manhattan – 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. Each performance lasted 45 minutes. It was a swift-moving affair with quick set changes and musical performances taking place while the models changed outfits.
More than 1,000 invited guests were seated at each of the two performances. The auditorium was decked out in pink and divided by a long sparkling runway. One end of the runway was shrouded by a pink curtain adorned with a large Victoria’s Secret banner.
This year’s show included six segments for displaying sexy lingerie, corsets, gowns, shoes and boots. The segments were “Tough Love,” “Game On,” “Country Girls,” “Heavenly Bodies,” “Wild Things” and “Pink Planet.” In all, the models showed off 64 different outfits.
Newlywed Perry performed her hit single “Firework” and a medley of “Teenage Dream,” “'Hot N Cold” and “California Gurls.”
Akon fittingly sang “Angel.”
I always enjoy the dance remix numbers that play as the Victoria’s Secret Angels prance on stage. This year’s remixes included Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” with elements from LL Cool J’s “Momma Said Knock You Out” and Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.”
Yet another cool remix blended Muse’s “Uprising” with Blondie’s “Call Me.”

There’s been lots of media coverage about the show on the Web today.
Here’s a sampling:

‘Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show’ Live! Where models earn their wings (Zap2it)

Victoria's Secret takes it over the top (Toronto Sun)

Victoria’s Secret Angels Take to the Stage in Lingerie (StyleBistro)

The 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (Fox News)

Photos: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show with Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, and more (New York Daily News)

Adriana, Alessandra, Rosie and More Take Over the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (Pop Sugar)

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010: Angels, Akon, and Katy Perry! (Real Beauty)

The 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (The Superficial)

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010 [Pictures]: A Dance Party With Katy Perry and Akon (CBS News)

And just for fun …

Play Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Bingo! (Vanity Fair)